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MiniMUM teCHniCAL reQUireMents
sPort rowing
Competition as defined in rules and regulations
eUroPeAn AnD internAtionAL sPort FeDerAtion Fisa (international rowing governing Body)
international laws of the game as per Fisa, with the exceptions that: Females may compete incox male crews and vice versa, courses may be a Minimum of 1,000 m and 4 lanes (with 2,000 m & 8 lanes the preferred option) and at that eusa representatives will oversee arrangements for and conduct the race draw and shall liaise with the local Organising committee in relation to all aspects of event delivery, including site inspections as required.
european or international organizational requirements

(to follow, if not included in this document)

With the exceptions noted with regard to coxes, courses and draw-provision, the event will run in line with guidelines, or interpretations thereof made by the eusa tD, of current regulations displayed at http://www.worldrowing.com/Fisa/ resources/rulebooks to ensure safe & fair competition.

With the agreement of the eusa tD the local Organising Committee shall appoint and invite Officials to assist at the eusa regatta. the head umpire shall be an experienced Fisa-qualified umpire and shall be supported by at least two other Fisa qualified umpires. all lead officials shall be proficient in english and shall adopt responsibilities for key event areas in liaison with the eusa tD.

Other Officials should be national Multi-lane qualified officials. With the support of the eusa tD the local Organisers may recommend and are encouraged to

invite judges from other countries. up to four trainee umpires may also be supported by qualified umpires in less strategic roles during the event, with preference to encourage recent athletes or university-based trainees to be invited. all key instructions to crews shall be issued in english.

venUe MAtCHes trAininGs
indoor and/or outdoor Outdoor: albano-style bouyed rowing course in line with One (course) of Fisa regulations. http://www. worldrowing. com/Fisa/resources/rule-books On Match course (circulation pattern may vary to race circulation so clear signage and instruction required)
type Fisa-recognized course or similar developing facility as Matches
PLAYinG GroUnD / CoUrse
number of Playing grounds for whole event (men and women together) a recognized and secure Water sports area with;

Capacity to offer multi-lane rowing competition in line with Fisa regulations, offering a Minimum eusa specification of 4 straight lanes over a 1,000 m course. racking space or storage capacities for a Minimum of 150 boats and up to 30 boat trailers & towing vehicles.

separate Men’s & Women’s changing areas with a Minimum capacity for 90 people of each gender.

suitable access for athletes to drinking water

venUe MAtCHes trAininGs
safety required- rescue launches to eusa agreed & Minimum local standard, to be afloat and staffed during all training and race periods

ambulance / identified Medical staff to be in attendance during race periods.

technicians Preferred- services of a local Boat Builder, Boat technician or similar experienced person to assist with equipment repairs and spare parts.
seats for spectators Minimum 500 seats
Playing ground surface standard albano-style course
Playing ground size + outside lines size as per Fisa regulations
Warm up area size and place as per Fisa regulations with agreed event circulation regulations. Preferred: separate return lane / lake.
number of dressing rooms for teams for Playing ground

number of dressing rooms for referees (more below)

Other requirements in dressing room for teams

athletes – capacity for 90 per gender at any one time.

umpires/Volunteers. changing areas for water-borne / outdoor staff (e.g. umpires, start support-team)

access to Official scales two hours before and after all training and race times 

(preferred – access at all times)

WorkinG stAFF at the Playing ground access-management staff (as appropriate to venue)

local technical Managers (pa, cameras, timing system, radios). usually Facility or contracted staff.

Water Borne support staff (safety, course & start / Finish technicians, usually Facility or contracted staff)

Preferred; Boat & equipment technician.


 1 person in charge of eusa result 

Management system + 3 volunteers

eQUiPMent for one Playing ground as per Fisa regulations.

start. identified start area. audible and 

Visible signals

Finish. identified Finish. audible & camera replay system

Medical service for one Playing ground identified First aid & emergency aid provision

rescue launch and ambulance as above

teCHniCAL DeLeGAte
Working requirements 
  • local mobile card and phone Phone book of OC key persons internet mobile stick access
  • liaison officer with car 24/24h at disposal
teCHniCAL DeLeGAte
Office requirements
  • Office in the hotel of technical Delegate 2 tables + 4 chairs Computer with internet access BW Printer + 1.000 papers Photocopy machine 
  • 100 folders stapler 
  • Other office supplies
general technical Meeting requirements
  • Meeting room with 120 chairs (2 representatives from each team, all referees, all teams attaches, other guests) preferable amphitheater
  • table with 5 chairs for sCaC members in front of the audience audio system (3 microphones (2 fixed, 1 mobile) and speakers) Computer
  • BW printer + 500 papers Projector + canvas Flipchart with markers